Introduction to Older Posts

I am going to start doing a weekly post on the blog. To make that work, I’m going to use older posts I did a long time ago. Almost all of these posts were after I ready The Fabric of Reality but before The Beginning of Infinity was published. Deutsch’s “The Logic of Experimental Tests” was not published either. So I started to read Popper — who frankly isn’t the easiest to follow in some cases — and other related authors (including Penrose and Kuhn, as a counterpoint to Deutsch.)

When I started these posts, I didn’t really accept all of the four strands yet (I was particularly a hold out on many worlds QM) and didn’t even know the term “Critical Rationalism.” I also had mixed feelings about some of Popper’s ideas (and still do, but I do accept Deutsch’s revisions of Popper).

So I feel like these posts document my slow acceptance that the four stands really were our four best theories. In any case, they play a critical role in the shaping of my thought. There will be much to criticize. To assist, I’ll give the occasional historical note to give context.

One thing I’m actually quite proud of in these posts, I on my own (actually with Kuhn’s help!) figured out that Popper’s falsification was actually only true of theory-to-theory comparison. Popper himself doesn’t always make this clear and I often thought he was talking about naive falsificationism. So I kept feeling like I didn’t agree with him on that point. These posts document my progress as I worked this out for myself.

I’ll have a new post come out early every Monday morning. I’m hoping others will start to schedule posts as well. I’ll mix in new stuff I write when I’m not in school and have time.

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