Popper on Incommensurability

I came across the following quote where Popper describes theories that aren’t comparable, which seems to be the same concept of Kuhn’s “incommensurability.”

In general we can say that only competing theories–such as the Newtonian and Einsteinian theories of gravitation–are intuitively comparable with respect to their (unmeasured contents; but there are also competing theories which are not comparable.

The intuitive comparability of the contents of Newton’s theory and Einstein’s can be established as follows: to every question to which Newton’s theory has an answer, Einstein’s theory has an answer which is at least as precise…

Objective Knowledge, p. 52

In short, Kuhn was right that science is full of incommensurable theories. But what he got wrong was that incommensurability is not inevitable. We can and do come up with theories that are not incommensurable. Incommensurability is a problem to be solved, but nothing more than that.

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