Theory of Anything 37: Animal Intelligence and Knowledge Creation (part 1)

How intelligent are animals?

In this episode, we introduce our series on animal intelligence rooted primarily in the research of Richard Byrne. Richard Byrne (mentioned in Beginning of Infinity) is a first-class Popperian researcher (though he doesn’t realize it).

We first talk about how Bruce got interested in this subject after reading Fabric of Reality (but before reading Beginning of Infinity) and how animal intelligence is at once beyond anything we know how to program but also unbelievably unintelligent at times.

We consider how the Pseudo-Deutsch Theory of Knowledge has misled the Deutsch fan community about how much of an animal’s knowledge is “in its genes” as well as how many fans of Deutsch (due to the same misunderstandings) have accidentally fallen into Lamarkism because they don’t understand the importance of the Baldwin effect on the evolution of animal algorithms.


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